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Organic Roasted Sesame Garlic Sauce (250ml)

Savor this fragrant dressing made from nutrient-rich sesame and garlic. The blend of ground and whole seeds lends a lovely texture to the dressing which is great for salads, pouring over vegetables and meat, or as a marinade, creating a sesame crust that's bursting with flavour. 

Vegan. Gluten-free. Organic and natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavours, colours, MSG or other additives.

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Ingredients: Filtered Water, Rice Bran Oil, *Garlic, *Lime Juice, Sesame Seeds, *Gluten-Free Soy Sauce (Non-GMO Soy Beans, Brown Rice, Salt, Water), *Coconut Sugar, Xanthan Gum *Organic ingredients

Allergens: Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Nut-Free

Origin: Singapore