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Picking up after your dog is now as colourful and eco-friendly as can be. Literally.

Modern Kanine's radically cool poop bag contains the same EPI additive that makes it degrade faster than typical plastic. Each refill roll comes with 20 bags and fits standard bag dispensers. Lightly scented, the bags make an even more enjoyable walk. 

- 160 bags
- 8 refill rolls of 20 bags per roll
- Rolls fit into standard leash dispensers
- Bags measure 9 x 13 inches
- Lightly Scented
- Easy to open and detach from the roll

Additional Information

Our bags are scented to cover up those not so nice poop smells. We love our dogs but their poop...not so much. With our freshly scented bags, you can say goodbye to the yucky poop smell and hello to cute bags, fresh smells and better walks!

Do you know pet waste is considered a dangerous pollutant? In the same category as oil! Dog poop doesn't just go away with the rain. Harmful bacteria lingers long after poop disappears... So please pick up after your pets!

Storage information: Use on its own or with our green bag dispenser! Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Use the bags within a year of purchase.

Origin: USA

About The Brand

Modern Kanine is here to bring colour and variety into your dog walks! With an exciting range of colour, you can switch up your dispenser, bags or both to match leashes, dog jackets or whatever keeps your dog stylish!

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