Wholesale & Distribution

Your patrons are ready for a change;

Are you?

They've seen the news, they've heard the buzz, and now they're asking you to give them plant-based options. You know that sustainable and eco-friendly practices are essential to your customers, but you don't know how to get started.

Souley Green is here to help!

same same, but different (& better)

We've been in the industry for years, and we know how hard it is for restaurants and retailers to find sustainable products—especially ones that taste great.

But with our expertise, we can help you bring in new customers by providing plant-based options that are just as good as (if not better than) their counterparts.

only good things

We represent brands with responsible green practices, so our clients can feel confident knowing they're doing good while doing business.

And because we're exclusive distributors of our brands, there are no middle-men fees incurred when selling them; That also means more profit for you!

Together, we can make a difference

When you partner with Souley Green, we promise:

- Products made from 100% natural ingredients
- High-quality products free of GMOs
- Sustainable packaging materials
- Environmentally-friendly shipping methods whenever possible

We also do intensive social media marketing for our clients' businesses so they can expand their reach beyond the walls of their restaurants or retail stores.

Wholesale FAQs

Kindly drop us an email at info@souleycollective.com, and let us know about your company and the products you're interested to purchase.

PAYNOW and direct bank transfer.

Just like how fussy we are when it comes to vendor applications on Souley Green, we are equally fussy (if not more) when it comes to distributing your products.

If you're keen to have us as your distributor, please fill up this form here.

*Companies that do not produce plant-based products and use animal-by ingredients will be rejected immediately. Please DO NOT apply if your brand/products do not meet our #1 requirement.

Soul food, soul good ⤵

All-natural ingredients

Aspartame, Nitrates, Benzoate... whhaattt?!?? None of those here - ever.

Cruelty free

No animal testing - they do not belong in laboratories.

Planet People

We acknowledge brands that contribute positively to saving the earth.

Responsibly Packaged

Less is more! We don't need any unnecessary packaging.