Practising Sustainability

How we got here

Our sustainability Journey ⤵

You're probably on this page because you care about the planet and want to ensure we do too. In that case, we have lots in common!

Disclaimer: What we have done/currently doing might disappoint or anger some people. But that's the thing about the internet - we cannot please everyone.

While we're not perfect, we strive to do our utmost best in what we do. We've come a long way since we started in 2016, making this journey with our customers most fruitful as we get to learn and grow together!

Every little bit counts

We know you love getting your packages delivered to your door, but we also have an appreciation for the environment!

Since 2018, we started recycling and reusing carton boxes that we receive (from suppliers/deliveries) and putting them back into circulation - by reusing them to pack your orders!

For smaller shipments, we ship them in brown kraft paper boxes which are easily recyclable once they've served their purpose.

What's old is new again

We don't purchase plastics, but we do reuse them. So don't worry if you receive bubble wrapping in your orders - these are donated by family members, friends and suppliers.

And whenever possible, we use paper stuffing and honeycomb wraps.


Trust us, we've tried.

We refrained from using bubble wraps and replaced them with honeycomb wrapping for a short period. However, some fragile products got damaged during delivery transit which caused tons of customer frustrations. While we understand it's never pleasing to receive a damaged product, more often than not, we can't control what happens during delivery transits.

To avoid compromising on damages, we switched back to using (donated) bubble wraps for fragile and oversized products. 

You're right, there are. We do use honeycomb wraps for some products. But as we mentioned in the FAQ above, they don't work well for all products.

To add on, if we were to use honeycomb wrapping for ALL products, that would mean having to purchase MORE wrapping and in turn, we are potentially creating more waste!

Hence, we don't believe in purchasing packaging/stuffings, but rather reusing them whenever possible.

Soul food, soul good ⤵

All-natural ingredients

Aspartame, Nitrates, Benzoate... whhaattt?!?? None of those here - ever.

Cruelty free

No animal testing - they do not belong in laboratories.

Planet People

We acknowledge brands that contribute positively to saving the earth.

Responsibly Packaged

Less is more! We don't need any unnecessary packaging.