Our Story

For the community

In 2016, our founder, plant-based content creator OG (in Singapore), Jaslyn Goh, realised how inconvenient it was to get plant-based products locally. It hit here then - there must be an easier way! That's when Souley Green entered the market with a sole mission: to be your go-to spot when you're looking for all-natural and responsibly-made products.

Through the ↑and↓

For almost 2 years, it seemed like nobody cared. Still, Jaslyn never gave up - she continued advocating for sustainable living with Souley Green and on her social media channels. She worked with local chefs to provide healthier plant-based options in the restaurants, so the local vegan community had more options when dining out.

~ Say hi to our all-time bestseller, Nature's Charm! (our exclusive brand we've been distributing since 2018)

More than a movement

When Souley Green began working with the HORECA industry, veganism was not at all popular (in Singapore, at least). But with persistence and creativity on display at every turn, we convinced several restaurants to offer Nature's Charm to their diners. Now anyone with dietary requirements can dine out with ease and convenience.

It doesn't stop here ⤵

Hustling hard for you, always;

We'll continue to hustle hard and make a significant difference in the local community. We hope everyone can enjoy all-natural products anytime, anywhere - at home and out!

Thank you for sticking by, believing in us and watching us grow. Here's to bigger changes!