How We Source

All-natural ingredients

Aspartame, Nitrates, Benzoate... whhaattt?!?? None of those here - ever.

Cruelty free

No animal testing - they do not belong in laboratories.

Planet People

We acknowledge brands that contribute positively to saving the earth.

Responsibly Packaged

Less is more! We don't need any unnecessary packaging.

Vetting the entire pipeline ⤵

Our mission from day 1 was to provide products that do good for both the planet and the people. 6 years on, that has never changed. As the saying goes 'action speaks louder than words' - hence our team goes through a long vetting process to ensure brands live up to what they preach.

We don't just accept any A-Z brand that writes in to be a vendor on Souley Green - that's not how we roll.

Read more about our story here.

we test them, so you don't have to ⤵

Our team cares deeply about making a difference. Not only do we have high standards for the products we sell, but also the ingredients used and how they are made. Therefore, we test every product ourselves from potential vendors before listing them on Souley Green. If we don't like it, we don't sell it - it's as simple as that!

We believe that being conscious about what goes into the product is just as important as being conscious about what goes on our skin and body, and how it affects the planet.

P.s: Think your brand ticks all our boxes? Apply here.

Both inside and out ⤵

We all know that what we put into our bodies matters. But what about what the products go into? The packaging of the products we use every day can have just as big of an impact on our health and the environment as the ingredients.

This is why Souley Green acknowledges companies that prioritise using sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable and/or compostable packaging.