Our Story

Launched in 2016, Souley Green is Singapore's first vegan mart that provides plant-based and cruelty-free alternatives for the conscious consumer.

Our generation is more health conscious and environmentally aware; and we waste an inordinate amount of time reading labels, checking ingredients and travelling from shop to shop searching for the ideal product. So we thought, why not create a marketplace for our community?


Soul: /The spiritual part of humans regarded in its moral aspect

At Souley Green, we are our customers and part of our community. We ensure that our curated products are cruelty-free, good for our bodies, and sustainable for the environment. Our products are meticulously sourced around the globe to meet the needs of our community - ranging from food to beauty, to household products, and many more. 


SPACE by Souley Green is a fun space (hah!) for us to share conversations of sustainability and conscious living with you. Here, we aim to build an online collection of plant-based recipes, lifestyle topics, and eco issues facing our generation. 


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