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One of the many things we enjoyed at EarthFest Singapore 2019 last weekend was the food. Not just because we wanted to taste them all (they were very tempting), but because we at Souley Green showcased a pretty cool selection of items as well.

At our first EarthFest in 2017

Which is why every year we bring in more food products, because vegans love that (and not just us)!

In fact, there was one brand we were particularly excited about for people to try: Nature’s Charm, a vegan range from Thailand that makes flavourful sauces and uses unique plant-based ingredients – like green jackfruit. We love it and we believe everyone would too.

How the Green Jackfruit Duck Confit looks like! Wait till you taste it
(Picture via: https://www.carrotsandflowers.com)

People get very sceptical when they hear ‘jackfruit’, but we always explain to them that green jackfruit is different from yellow jackfruit and that there’s no pungent smell. You’ve got to try it to believe it. And they did! (Intrigued? Perk up your dishes with Nature’s Charm at Souley Green

Our other hits at EarthFest also included the preservative-free and crunchy Mia Chia Snacks, oral care products from The Humble Co, and Deliciou Bacon Seasoning, among others.

It packs a crunch

On top of that, we had a great time meeting all of you – it made us excited to know that the event goers were our target audience. We looked forward to connecting with anyone who came by our booth to check out our products, or even just to say hi. We provided self-collections at the event for online orders too. :)

What’s EarthFest Singapore?
It’s an annual one-day event that features a host of green activities. This year, on 20th January, it had different stalls, live music, talks, screenings, a gallery, and even a tiny house. They even gave people a digital passport full of suggestions to help maximise their experience, and make environmentally friendly choices.

EarthFest also continues to encourage us to support the sustainable lifestyle with their six EarthLife habits for “happiness through responsible living”: plant-based, zero waste, biophilia, CO2 positive, minimalism and advocacy.

Like us, Michael Broadhead of EarthFest was also into the food. “I think the food is always a highlight for people,” he admitted. Visitors had a chance to check out the Beyond Sausage, the Beyond Meat burger, and a menu from LingZhi Vegetarian, just to name a few.

EarthFest may have kickstarted others’ Veganuary journey too. “As a minimalist and zero waste advocate, I was really excited to bring some bulk sales to the festival, and help people start their 2019 with zero waste lifestyle products that would help them cut (down) waste for the rest of their lives,” he stated.

We put our purchases in our Souley Green tote :)

Were you there and had fun? We did. Till the next EarthFest! Or better yet, keep up with us – there are a lot more events this year that we’re sure to feature in the blog. We might have some surprises for you. :)

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