Milestones in Your Journey That are Worth Celebrating

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Yes, it’s only March – a bit too early in the year to consider milestones. And you’re probably right.

But if you think about it, it does help to mark those special events – especially if you have only just begun your adventure with Veganuary, or just happen to feel lost and stumped along the way.

Are you going in circles? (Photo by Ashley Batz)

Why? Because every single thing you do to stay ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free may not look like much, but put them all together and you realise that you actually have a series of accomplishments to be proud of.

You’ll also see a pattern of decisions and actions that show you’re moving forward – and that you have what it takes to make a difference.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of “turning points” that will help put things into perspective. Add in your thoughts and experiences for each one (like we have), and it’ll prove you’re doing good. And that it can only get better.

That time when you made your first vegan meal at home
If that was a long time ago and you can’t remember, what about your most memorable one? Ours was when we recreated vegan French toast!

How can we forget?

That important lifestyle goal you were able to meet

Setting a healthy fitness routine is a good example. We now try to work out four to five times a week, and track our progress with the Fitbit app and watch.

That important health goal you were able to meet
Reducing our consumption of fast food and carbonated drinks, and how light we feel because of it, is a step in the right direction.

We said bye to the fizzies (Photo by rawpixel)

When you become part of a like-minded community that continues to support you to this day

Even an event can help you develop new and existing connections. Ours happens during EarthFest, when we get to meet everyone in person, share with them more about our products, and thank our regular customers for supporting us through the years.

At the 2017 edition of EarthFest

When you make conscious decisions to follow an eco-friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable approach every day

It’s not easy when we have a lot on our plate and would love things to simply be convenient and accessible – specifically when it comes to our purchases. But every little, positive change counts.

Just remember that whenever we choose cruelty-free products, most of the time they’re also natural and vegan, and made by an ethical company. Hence, when we make an effort to patronise these brands, we know that we’re also doing both our bodies and the environment good. Plus, we get to support a great cause.

Everyone wins (Photo by Delaney Dawson)

When you stumbled in your vegan journey but managed to get back on track

Did you mistakenly buy from a certain brand? Went overboard with your health routine? Got overzealous and overwhelmed with the ups and downs of maintaining an eco-friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle? What’s important is you acknowledge those missteps and learn from them.

When you reached your first month (and first year) as a vegan
Share this achievement with your loved ones. Show your appreciation by thanking them for their support, and for following you on your journey. Do the same with your followers on social media – they’ll love the update, and hopefully be inspired by it too.

When you’ve made that one small but concrete step to simplify your life
In our case, we’ve stopped buying clothes every so often, and deleted “sale” newsletters from the fashion brands we follow. We now re-wear our entire wardrobes weekly, disregarding the fact that people think it’s “not cool” to wear each piece of clothing twice. We can’t believe we used to think that way and spend a ton of money on clothes we don’t really need!

Less is more (Photo by Alexandru Acea)

That time or those moments when you felt grateful

We look to our family and loved ones, and the things they’ve done for us. At Souley Green, they help us out with our products, even going to and fro our warehouse to pick up stocks – even when it’s late at night!

What about you? Are there other milestones you wish to include? Write them down every time you hit one, whether it’s big or small. After all, we should celebrate ourselves and how far we’ve come, so that we don’t stop losing motivation and the drive to achieve our dream future.

You might be surprised, but your life is full of meaningful highlights (Photo by Gabrielle Henderson)

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