Meet Our Eco-Warriors: Maeve and Desmond of Eco-Ethical Pet Supplies and Grooming Store, Bubbly Petz

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Humans consider bathing and grooming a must. But for the most part, having showers is a pleasant and stress-free ritual. So why can’t it be the same for our pets? Why can’t we extend the same thoughtfulness and courtesy to them?

Yes, why can’t you?

We wouldn’t want our pets (or furbabies, for some) to end up traumatised and always afraid of the groomer, or anything related to grooming. (As pet owners, we tend to notice how they feel and get worried and anxious quickly.) Hence selecting the right groomer is vital.

Good thing there’s Bubbly Petz – a pet grooming studio and pet supply store in Singapore that promotes ethical, cruelty-free, plant-based, and humane grooming packages and products. It was founded by Maeve Suar and Desmond Chan in 2011.

Maeve and Desmond, your pet’s new best friends

So what is it like for an appointment at Bubbly Petz?
They make sure you’re all incredibly safe, comfortable and at ease, for starters. They will guide you from beginning to end (and even beyond).

There are no cages or restraints here, only clean spaces, quality products, positive reinforcement, highly-trained staff, and personalised services where your pet always reigns supreme. Plus, you can be right by your pet’s side to watch it all happen.

Expect a happy customer

Read Maeve and Desmond’s story, thoughts and mission here. And we bet after reading this post, you wouldn’t want to go back to any other pet grooming method ever again.

If it’s a pet and pet owner’s first time at Bubbly Petz, how do you prepare and guide them through the grooming process?
“Before they arrive at our grooming studio, we briefly cover what they and their pets will go through over the phone during the initial consultation. Upon their arrival, we settle them down in our ‘holding room’, where we explain things more and take them through the grooming process so that they have a better understanding of them.”

Do you find that more and more people are becoming aware that humane, cage-free and open-concept pet grooming exists? What are some of their first impressions and takeaways?
"We believe so! From our experience, many customers love the fact that their pets are not caged or confined, and that they’re able to witness the entire grooming process. A haircut at the salon should not involve any confinement or restraints, which would lead to an increase in stress for our pets.

“Some pet owners are surprised that they can be around their pets during the grooming procedure, as a lot of them feel that their presence would interrupt the grooming process. But most of the time it actually doesn’t matter.

“Usually pet owners take away useful and interesting information as to how they can do their part to better care for their pet’s physical needs, like how to perform certain grooming procedures correctly and safely, taking into consideration their pet’s welfare. They also learn more about certain quirks or reactions that their pets have towards different grooming procedures.”

You don’t have to leave your furbaby behind

What surprises have you encountered while running an eco-ethical pet supply store and grooming studio?
“We’re pleasantly surprised that many people do care about making conscious choices for their pets. They care about choosing cruelty-free as well as picking products that are more eco-friendly.”

Have the surprises and realisations outweighed the challenges so far? In what ways?
“Yes, definitely. We’re very grateful to hear mostly good things from our customers, or those who haven’t even been here, about how they agree to and relate positively with why we do what we do.

“Now and then we hear about customers, who hear from others, about how they agree things should be done just like how we’re doing it, and who are spreading the word to their friends and families. An example would probably be related to our understanding of pet grooming – that it’s not just a procedure that needs to be done, but more importantly, it’s about how we can help our beloved pet get through grooming while being exposed to the least number of stressors possible.”

It’s like they’ve just been to a spa

How have you grown with your business too? What would you tell your pre-Bubbly Petz selves, if you could? 

“We’ve grown by leaps and bounds with our business in many ways, from running it ourselves personally to now being able to work with, in our opinion, the most compassionate, passionate and outstanding colleagues. We learnt more about how to work better in a team to bring the degree of help and influence we can provide pets and their owners to a whole new level. We also learnt to help more pets get the better treatment they deserve, as well as how to live our lives more consciously.

“If we could, we would thank our pre-Bubbly Petz selves for believing in the idea and taking action to be the change we want to see in the world.”

What is it about Bubbly Petz that gives you the most satisfaction? Would you change anything, if given another chance?
“The most satisfying part about running Bubbly Petz is when we manage to help pet owners become more conscious in choosing goods and services for their pets – and when they spread the word to their friends and families. Our goal is for pet owners to be able to understand what’s best for their pets and the planet; hopefully one day the pet industry can head in that direction too. We wouldn’t change anything at all.”

What are some of the things you’re still keen to learn and add to your and your groomers’ knowledge set and list of skills? Are there any new studies, products and/or practices in cruelty-free and ethical pet supplies and grooming that you’re excited about?
“Desmond will be attending a ‘rescue’ dog grooming contest in Tokyo, and he’s very keen to understand more about what it’s all about. He would one day like to bring it to Singapore. In our opinion, groomers in Singapore focus a lot on the style and look of the groom, and too little attention on the animal’s welfare during the grooming process. The main judging criteria for the ‘rescue’ dog grooming contest would be how the groomers can help the dog clean up and look good, as well as how they can put the dog through the least possible stress during the grooming procedure.

“Moving forward, we’re very excited to bring this concept back to Singapore to inspire and encourage groomers to focus more on caring for the animal that’s getting groomed. It’s definitely exciting and a part of our plan to steer the industry towards becoming one that focuses more on our pet’s well-being.”

You can begin by using only the best accessories

What is it that you wish people knew about being vegan and adopting an ethical, humane, and plant-based perspective and lifestyle? What keeps you guys going?

“We hope people can understand that veganism – which includes a whole array of lifestyle choices, such as choosing cruelty-free, living zero waste, and consuming plant-based foods – is not about perfection. We believe that every little effort counts and a little goes a long way. Many times individuals feel that their little efforts don’t make any difference; but the truth is that when we sum up everyone’s efforts, we can create change and slow down the planet’s degradation.

“For us, it’s the little positive movements we see on the news and on social media, even the things that our family and friends mention, that keep us going and doing what we believe in.”

How does running Bubbly Petz spill over into your personal lives? What do you love about the “crossover”?
“Running Bubbly Petz gave us a chance to be able to know and work with many different passionate, inspiring individuals whom we call family.”

What are your top recommendations when it comes to pet food and supplies at Bubbly Petz? What should we look for in a good product? 
“We recommend the V-dog Kinder Kibble Mini Bites, the CocoTherapy range of coconut treats, and the 4-Legger range of organic grooming products.

“We usually recommend customers to choose products that have the least chemicals and have the most wholesome ingredients. You want to give your pets the products that you’d like to use or consume yourself.”

You don’t have to look far: Buy your V-dog treats and even Earth Rated “green” poop bags from Bubbly Petz right here at Souley Green. :)

Your pets will love the taste and variety

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