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If you need a mood booster or something to calm the senses, we have just the thing: aromatherapy. IN.HEAL, in particular, makes it easy for us to get our aromatherapy fix with quality essential oils, and unique blends of essential oils, in roll-ons and dropper bottles. You can just reach for them and store them in your bag whenever you need them. :)

There’s always room for IN.HEAL's essential oils

No wonder aromatherapy, together with other natural healing remedies, are said to have risen in popularity as alternatives to chemicals and traditional medicines to promote well-being. We only have to look at IN.HEAL as an example, as founder and aromatherapist Ruby Tan reveals their beginnings, their offerings, and the benefits they’ve seen happen with aromatherapy and essential oils below. She lists some tips too.

Let their story guide you and inspire you – and hopefully help you find your new favourite essential oils from their available range at Souley Green. (Or they can also become a part of your Veganuary feel-good kit. Don’t have one yet? Wait for our feature on bundle packs for suggestions – you’ll love it.)

What intrigued you to be an aromatherapist?
“I love scents and plants, so I combined these two loves together – that’s how I got into aromatherapy.”

Do you love scents and plants too? (Photo by Heather Ford)

What was the inspiration behind IN.HEAL?
“When one applies something (onto the skin), especially essential oils, they are absorbed by the skin, go to the bloodstream, and then to various systems in the body. In other words, they go ‘In’ and then ‘Heal’ from within. I would like to think of aromatherapy as an external treatment which has internal effects.”
How did you cope during the initial phases of the start-up?
“I am very blessed with two wonderful daughters and a lovely husband. My eldest daughter helps with the designing of all the packaging and labels, my younger daughter helps with the photography, and my hubby helps in the technology side.”
Among all the blends you've created, can you pick a favourite?
“I love (them) all, as a lot of good vibrations, love and deep thought were given while blending them. No mass production. You can imagine the amount of energy put into every single apothecary roll-on bottle.”
Could you break down some misconceptions about using essential oils to heal one's body?
“The misconception: They think essential oils are so pure and natural that one can ingest them. In order to ingest them, one has to be advised by a clinically qualified aromatherapist.
“However, smelling is the fastest way for essential oils to penetrate the body. The molecules travel up the nose. It sends a message to the brain and nerves, which respond to the new smell. They then pass on to the bloodstream via the lungs and respiratory system.
“Once the oil reaches the blood, it will be transported around the whole body.

“There are several reasons why essential oils should never be ingested even when diluted: a) they are extremely concentrated, therefore they can damage the lining of the stomach; b) the enzymes in the stomach change the chemical structure of the oils, thus it changes the therapeutic effect or prevents them from working; c) they put a strain on the liver, which works to remove them; and d) they become weaker as they pass through the digestive system.
“So you see, absorbing the oils through the digestive system by means of ingestion is slower. It is better (if it is via) inhalation or massage.”

And take it all in (Photo by Fabian Møller)

Where can we learn more about IN.HEAL?
“We hold these workshops at community clubs: ‘Customize Your Scent in a Reed Diffuser’, ‘Aromatherapy: The Art of Mixing and Blending’, and ‘The Art of Mixing and Blending for Skin Salves and Balms’, where they learn to make skin balms. Log on to Aromatherapy at PA (People’s Association), and they will be able to find them. The professional courses are only open every six months – check in for more details.

“There’s a five-day workshop for people who wish to start their own business or to control what goes into their product. Under ‘Making Aroma Personal Care Products’, there’s ‘Making Aroma Facial Oils and Serums’, ‘Making Aroma Body Butters and Lotions’, ‘Making Aroma Skin Salves and Balms’, ‘Making Aroma Face Masks’ and ‘Making Aroma Massage Oils’.

“With professional home fragrances, there’s ‘Making a Reed Diffuser’, ‘Making a Room Spray’, ‘Making a Bed/Linen Spray’ and ‘Making Scented Wax’.”

What are your tips for using the roll-ons?
“Inhale and enjoy the natural aroma, then roll onto the pulse points where the blood vessels are close to the skin, like the wrists, behind the earlobes, the forehead, neck and chest.”

Why not help yourself and a loved one relax? (Photo by Alvin Mahmudov)

How do they work?
“Our prediluted essential oil blends are activated through the rolling action onto the pressure points; they then stimulate the nerve endings, and an increase in blood flow.

“Essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and carried to the various body systems. Therefore, they not only treat one area, but they benefit the whole body.

“Each application will last about two to three hours. Simply re-apply as and when needed.”

But first: Always check with your doctor if essential oils and aromatherapy are safe for you to use, especially if you are pregnant or have asthma. :)

Liked this profile of Ruby and IN.HEAL? We’re putting other Souley Green vendors under the spotlight (because they have so much to share!), so stay tuned. :)

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