All You Need For a Plant-Based Christmas Dinner

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It's Christmas season, and you're itching for a friendly get-together with your closest friends... but how do you prepare great food for everyone if some of them aren't vegan? Well... Maybe it's time to win them over with these vegan Christmas recipe suggestions—if you prepare them right and they love it, then you know you've got a great opening in the future!


Instead of serving water, orange juice, and coke-light, how about trying healthier soda drinks for a change? SIMPLE ORGANICS sodas have 35% less sugar than standard soft drinks—no artificial ingredients, no alternative sweeteners. You can choose from four unconventional soda flavours: lemonade, pink grapefruit, ginger beer, and passion fruit!

Purchase a carton of 12 and hydrate your guests with these delicious conversation openers as you start bringing out the vegan mains that will blow their minds!


It's not quite Christmas without the stuffed turkey... but don't fret! What you can't replicate in turkey size, you can replicate (easily) in taste and flavour! For this "turkey" dish, grab a can or two of Nature's Charm Green Jackfruit in Brine. Create a couple of "jurkey" sandwiches decorated with the lovely seasonal ingredients like cherry tomatoes, carrots, cranberry sauce and perhaps a little stick-in star!


No one can resist the mashed potatoes and savoury richness of minced beef that makes up shepherd's pies everywhere. Use this to your advantage! Instead of minced beef, open a can or two of Nature's Charm Green Jackfruit in Brine and use those as replacements for beef! You won't lose springiness, and it's got an additional stringy texture, too!


After everyone is warm and full (and hopefully singing praises of your genius Christmas vegan creations), surprise them with some lovely vegan scones... along with some seasonal jazz music!

Making scones must be one of the easier things to prepare because there are only two ingredients: Nature's Charm Evaporated Coconut Milk and 260g of self-raising flour! That's all there is to it. Yes, it's not really a conventional Christmas dessert, but hey, it's what we dream of having when it's cold out and there are great music and friends in.


Who doesn't love cheese! In sprinkles and in outpourings... Vegan Dairy Nepal's Parmesan Cheese would be perfect as topping for your Christmas dishes galore. The parmesan cheese is 100% vegan and easily complements your jurkey sandwiches and shepherd's pie! Pour it out on a mini-dish when you serve your mains so everyone gets a good dig out of the mini cheese mountain!


So, are you ready? Impress your friends with a Christmas vegan spread that's served without prejudice—don't let them know it's vegan before they sample the food! All the best, and we can't wait to see your Christmas creations!

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