5 reasons to visit Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage

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Whether you are an Eco-Warrior or getting acquainted with the term “Single-use plastic” for the first time, Sustainable Singapore Gallery is a place for everyone to gain insights on Singapore’s environmental sustainability efforts and how we can contribute as individuals.

The journey is broken down into 7 main sections:

Zone A: Red Dot

Zone B: From The First Drop

Zone C: A First Class Oasis

Zone D: City of the Future

Zone E: The Journey to Zero

Zone F: Future Tense

For more information, Little Day Out gave a concise introduction to each section.

Today, I’m sharing my personal experience visiting the Sustainable Singapore Gallery and here are 5 reasons why you should too.

#1 Just chill

Let’s be honest; the weather is getting out of control.

Just a short walk to Marina Barrage could break a sweat #GlobalWarming #ClimateChangeIsReal.

Begin your journey with a quick cool down in the fully air-conditioned gallery. The moment you stepped in, your body will thank you.

Don’t forget to make a left turn as you enter and head into The Screening Room. Take a seat and enjoy a short documentary screening before heading to the main gallery.

#2 Jump into a Sci-fi scene with futuristic interior

“Wow, am I in a scene of Equals?”

(Source: Equals, 2015)

That was my first reaction as I entered the main gallery clad in white geometric shapes, clean lines and touchscreen controls. Totally cool!

#3 It’s a life-size encyclopedia of everything you need to know about Singapore’s sustainable development

This multi-sensory experience covers various environmental and sustainability topics such as climate, water, energy and waste.

What left the deepest impression was an installation piled with plastic waste, found in Zone E—The Journey to Zero. The exhibit introduces solutions to manage waste at home, e-waste, food waste, and how to transform waste into energy.

Even if you are not adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle (yet), the facts are bound to intrigue and ignite some thought-provoking questions to your current lifestyle habits.

#4 Sweat it out!

As you are half-way into the journey, you should be cooled down by now and ready for some fun!

This section with stationary bikes was one of the most popular zones as you get to complete a challenge and cycle around the neighbourhood, made possible with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

#5 Put your thoughts into actions with an eco-friendly day out

After gaining all these new-found eco-wisdom, it’s time to put your knowledge into actions. Head to the rooftop of Marina Barrage, lay down your picnic mats and take time to be one with nature. Perhaps you might wish to make some simple changes in your daily routine and implement environmentally friendly habits into your life!

Wherever possible, attempt to reduce waste consumption with pre-packed fruits and snacks in reusable containers, and avoid single-use plastics. Not to mention, keep the vicinity clean by not leaving any trash around!


How to get to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery?

  • Take a public transport/ ride to Marina Barrage.
    SBS Bus 400
    0700hrs – 2330hrs (Frequency of 15-20 mins)
  • From Tanjong Pagar Station: Take bus 400 in front of International Plaza (03223)
  • From Marina Bay Station and Downtown Station: Take bus 400 at Marina Bay Financial Centre (03391) along Marina Boulevard.

Opening Hours

9 am to 6 pm daily (closed on Tuesdays)

Gallery Tour

  • Guided tours are available at every hour, except from 12pm-1pm.
  • The last guided tour will commence at 5 pm.
  • Each guided tour can take up to a maximum of 80 visitors.
  • Tour bookings for public walk-ins can be made at the information counter located at level one, subject to availability.
  • For a more pleasant experience and to avoid disappointment, visitors are highly encouraged to make an advance tour booking.

For more details, visit https://www.pub.gov.sg/marinabarrage/ssg. Free admission.

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