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Making your own ice cream sounds like a feat to many—and even gives one bragging rights. "I can make my own ice cream," one can finally say, to admiring oohs and ahhs.

Now, you can attempt to make this at home, and in your very own kitchen no less! What you need is an appetite for delicious vegan ice cream, a working mixer, and a tin for the ice cream to 'freeze-stew' in (we coined this term, but you'll know what we mean!)

Thanks to this recipe crafted by NourishPlant, all of us can make our own vegan ice cream in the comfort of our homes. It can go well with waffles, pancakes, or simply be eaten as is. Using ingredients from Natures Charm, we conquer ice cream in the next four steps. Are you screaming for ice cream yet? Let's go!




  1. Chill the condensed milk and whipping cream in the fridge overnight. (Essential step)
  2. In a stand mixer, add coconut whipping cream and beat until slight soft peaks form. Add in condensed milk, vanilla extract and beat until soft-stiff peaks.
  3. Fold in caramel sauce with salt until fully incorporated. Transfer mixture into a tin, add more sauce for swirls. Cover the top with parchment paper. (Make sure that the parchment paper is touching the mixture)
  4. Freeze in the freezer overnight or at least 6 hours. Serve!

Recipe by: NourishPlant


It's now your turn to try and make your own vegan ice cream and share it around! Do tag us in your creations 😉

Tag us at @SouleyGreen and @NaturesCharmsg on IG, along with the hashtags #souleygreen #naturescharmsg. We can't wait to see your work of food-art!

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