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Discover impactful brands with ethical production and organic ingredients (or materials) that actually give a sh*t about the planet.

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live meaningfully with meaningful brands;

At Souley Green, we make it simple for you to indulge in brands that create change and do good for the people and the planet. Shop by categories, brand name, allergens, or ethical practices - you call the shots!

We are all about #savingGAIA - our efforts include reusing packaging supplies for deliveries, refraining from using plastics (unless reusing) and educating customers on food wastage. Take #zerowaste to the "next level" with us by browsing through our #REDUCEfoodwaste section, and help us give 'uglyfoods' a home, not the trash.



Perishable products that are nearing their best-before dates are still edible! You get to purchase them at a fraction of the usual price plus reduce food wastage - best of both worlds!


Beauty and home products that are nearing their best-before dates can be found here. Perhaps you could find a friend to share the products with you to maximise the shelf life?


We do receive products that got unlucky during their transit to our shores. However, ugly does not equals bad - They taste the same irregardless of how they look (on the outside)!

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